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  1.How much are these ______? (tomato)

  2. We finished the ______ lesson last week. (nine)

  3.He is ______ in English. (interest)

  4. Today it is a ______ day. (sun)

  5. He is ______ enough to believe that man. (fool)

  6. They carried the wounded soldier to ______. (safe)

  7. We were very ______ to him for his help. (thank)

  8. You must drive ______ when it’s snowing heavily. (care)

  9. She noticed a wallet ______ on the ground. (lie)

  10. I don’t know ______ book this is. (who)

  11. They often go to the ______ park on Sunday. (child)

  12. The English ______ often ______ in the concerts. (sing)

  13. The ______ girl was not born in ______. (German)

  14. We ______ a recorder in our English class. It’s very ______. (use)

  15. It seems that our team will ______. (win)

  16. Will you go ______ with me tomorrow? (fish)

  17. “Why are you late for school again?” said his teacher ______. (angry)

  18. The ______ is studying Russian. (science)

  19. We are busy ______ for the exam in school. (prepare)

  20. It is even ______today. (bad)

  21. How many ______ are there in the park? (child)

  22. He asked me ______,“Would you like a cup of tea?” (polite)

  23. We have never heard such a ______ piece of music. (wonder)

  24. —He can’t look after ______. He is too young. (he)

  25. —Our classroom is bigger than ______. (you)

  26. —Do you think Lucy is a ______ girl? (forget)

  27. I get up early every day and I’m always the ______ one to get to school. (one)

  28. I’ve been a student ______ eight and a half years. (near)

  29. Shanghai is one of ______ cities in the world. (large)

  30. Could you lend me your ruler? Mine is ______. ( break)


  1. Mother was ______(bad) ill. She needed an ______ (operate).

  2. Thomas Edison was a great ______(invent).During all his life,he had many ______(invent).

  3. We must be strict with ______(us).

  4. There is ______ water in the glass than in the bottle. (little)

  5. He has three ______ of old books under his bed. (box)

  6. You study well. But your brother studies much ______. (well)

  7. All the things are very ______. (use)

  8. It’s very ______ outside in the street. (noise)

  9. The two ______ are from England. (visit)

  10. Which book is ______,this one or that one? (expensive)

  11. My mother like the red one ______ of all. (well)

  12._____(usual) the shop isn’t open on Sundays. 13. The building is eighty ______ high. (foot)

  14. She often helps her mother do some ______ (wash)

  15. He became a ______ in a restaurant. (wait)

  16. Mike is fat. But John is a little ______. (fat)

  17. This is the ______ summer for ten years. (wet)

  18. August is the _____(month) of the year. (eight)

  19. He became a _____ when he was only twenty. (music)

  20. Tom isn’t good at his studies. His parents are quite ______. (worry)

  21. When everyone was ______,the meeting began. (seat)

  22. She looked quite ______ to see him again. (please)

  23. The film is very ______. (wonder)

  24. The bat wanted to be on the side of the _____. (win)

  25. There are three ______ on the table. (knife)

  26. Summer is the ______ season of the year. (two)

  27. A friend of ______ came to see me that afternoon. (I)

  28. Do you know ______ daughter she is? (who)

  29. Kate’s grandfather has been ______ for six months. (die)

  30. Don’t be so ______,Bob. (fool)


  1. So far,no man has travelled ______ than the moon. (far)

  2. The scientist is writing a book on ______. (science)

  3. The _____ is going to the sheep farm this afternoon. (farm)

  4. The old man was very ______. (thank)

  5. Jim can play football very well. He’s a good_____. (play)

  6. Will you go ______ with me? (skate)

  7. Mary is older than any other girls in her class. She’s the ______ of them. (old)

  8. The young people built the new house ______. (them)

  9. You should be ______ when you cross the street. (care)

  10. Have you ever ______ of Jimmy’s father? (hear)

  11. I can’t hear you ______. Will you speak louder,please? (clear)

  12.______ mother took him out of school and taught him herself. (Edison)

  13. Look at the panda. How ______ it walks! (slow)

  14. This work is easy. I can do it ______. (easy)

  15. How ______ the film is! (interest)

  16. My brother is one of the best ______ in his school. (run)

  17.A _____ will come to visit the farm. (foreign)

  18. In China the ______ name is the family name,and the last name is the ______ name. (one,give)

  19. The children can play ______ in the garden. (safe)

  20. Miss Liu is one of the most popular ______ in that school,(teach)

  21. The doctor looked over the old woman very ______. (careful)

  22. You have ______ lost a book before,have you? (ever)

  23. He was just falling ______ when someone knocked at the door. (sleep)

  24. ______,the young man was not badly hurt. (lucky)

  25. She said ______,“Will you please do this thing?” (kind)

  26. Are you enjoy ______ here? (live)

  27. It’s snowing _____ when he got home yesterday. (heavy)

  28. The ______ month of a year is September. (nine)

  29. A computer is very ______. You’d better buy one. (help)

  30. Be ______,or you’ll be late. (quickly)


  1. Do you mind ______ on the radio? (turn)

  2. You must do more exercise and keep ______. (health)

  3. He made a few ______ in his exams. (mistake)

  4. The police caught two ______ yesterday. (thief)

  5. The people there were all ______ to me. (friend)

  6. Who’s ______,Tom or Mike? (thin)

  7. I hope it won’t be ______ tomorrow. (rain)

  8. Lu Xun is one of the best ______ in China. (write)

  9. She wants to be a _____ when she grows up. (sing)

  10. How high these _____ are! (build)

  11 .All the things are ______ of years old. (hundred)

  12. Look! The three ______ (Japan) are talking to the two _____. (German)

  13. Guangdong is in the ______(south) part of China. And Inner Mongolia is in _____(north) China. 14. At the _____(begin) of the _____(twenty-one) century many families will have computers. 15. Bill’s grandmother is _____(terrible) ill. 16. There is too much noise here. I can’t keep my eyes _____. (close)

  17. Mr. Green has been to the south _____. (two)

  18. Lucy is going _____(shop)。 There is a _____ list in her basket,(shop)

  19. Some ______ were operating on the patient. (woman doctor)

  20. Three _____ in our class are boys. (five)

  21.______ last few days I have been writing some articles. (this)

  22. This kind of sign is used for ______ visitors. (stop)

  23. Let’s go and have a look at the ______ sweater. (wool)

  24. It’s _____ nice of you. Thank you very much. (real)

  25. They were ______ the young trees when the teacher came. (water)

  26. We’d better make _____ with him. (friend)

  27. People can hardly see that we are ______. ( difference)

  28. It’s ______ for the children to play football in the street. (danger)

  29. The sun was shining _____ yesterday. (bright)

  30. How many ______ can you see on the hill? (sheep)


  1. This year we have _____ rain than we did last year. (much)

  2. —You look ______ today. What’s happened? (happy)

  —I’ve lost my new watch. 3. What does your mother do? She’s a ______. (clean)

  4. Who won the ______ 800 metres? Li Tao did. (boy)

  5. Last night the wind was blowing ______. (strong)

  6. English is widely used by ______ all over the world. (travel)

  7.TV sets and ______ are very popular in our country. (radio)

  8. He has had two _____ of hot water. (glass)

  9. The young lady is the ______ of the hotel. (manage)

  10. Who runs the ______ in the class? (fast)

  11. Spring is the _____ season of the year. (one)

  12. Do you know the inventor _____ Edison? (call)

  13. Father Christmas put the children’s Christmas presents in ______ stockings. (they)

  14. At ten o’clock yesterday evening,we heard somebody ______ in a room upstairs. (sing)

  15. Lin Tao was the first to pass the ______ line. ( finish)

  16. Bill has a little cat. _____ eyes are red and blue. (it)

  17. Give me two _____,please. (sandwich)

  18. Take the third ______ on the left. (turn)

  19. The boy can’t get ______ himself. (dress)

  20. There was a fire ______ in the fire place. (burn)

  21. Spring is a ______ season. (rain)

  22. There are many ______ with books. (shelf)

  23. Help ______ to some fish,please,(you)

  24. Look out!It’s ______ in front. (danger)

  25. In England,the first name is the ______ name. (give)

  26. September 10 is a special day in China. It’s ______ Day. (teacher)

  27. We enjoyed _____ in the park last Sunday. (our)

  28. Beihai Park is one of the most beautiful ______ in Beijing. (park)

  29. He felt very,very _____ about his little brother. (worry)

  30. I often hear him _____ in the next room. (sing)